Giving myself some credit

15 Apr

I have mentioned previously that I don’t really have any useful survival skills, or trades to contribute to a village or community. But I’ve been thinking I didn’t give myself enough credit. Sure, I’m not a builder or a plumber or an orchardist, and I probably wouldn’t last long in the bush. But I’m not totally useless. So in an effort to make myself feel better with all the depressing things I’ve been reading lately, here’s what I’m good at. (Uh oh, I feel a list coming on.)

  • Making things. I can sew pretty well, and design useful things. I can make books. I can even make paper. One of the advantages to being raised without much money is that you learn to make things out of what you have on hand. I could make a whole bunch of useful things if I needed too. 
  • Interacting. I’m not sure if this is a skill as such, but I’m choosing to look at it as one. I’m good with people. I’m friendly, kind, and confident, and I like to laugh at other people’s jokes and crack a few of my own. I can listen, ask questions, give big hugs, make cups of tea, go for walks, babysit, ponder and discuss ideas, and do other sociably beneficial things. I can be fun and I can be serious; I can take charge, and I can take instructions.
  • I get really passionate about things. I throw myself into them. I learn everything I can. I work long and hard. If I care about something, I really care about it. 
  • I have basic homesteading skills. Although I’m nowhere near expert, if it came to the crunch, I have understanding, if not a lot of experience, with many homesteading skills like gardening, baking bread, etc. 
  • I can teach and care for children. I love kids (although I am rather less interested in other people’s since having my own) and I enjoy caring for them. I really liked swim teaching and was pretty good at it, and I think that could translate into other teaching. I’ve been good with kids since I was a kid. 
  • Cooking. I’m a pretty good cook and I enjoy it. 
  • Writing. I can write, too. Not quite sure how that would be useful, but it doesn’t feel useless


Hmm. I’m not terribly impressed with my list, but at least it reminds me that web design and singing aren’t the only things I can do. I plan to add permaculture and pottery to the list, and I might even try my hand at building a house, or at least a yurt. I’ve watched enough Grand Designs, that’ll help, right? 




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