I’m freeeee, freecyclin’

17 Apr

Today I learnt about The Freecycle Network. It’s a global organisation set up to ‘change the world one gift at a time’. Instead of  taking something you no longer want to the landfill, you post it on Freecycle, and if someone wants it, they come and get it. The network has an online registry where you can post offers or wanted items.

It’s all totally free, and that’s about the only rule (no strings attached, like bartering or exchanging). You’re also not allowed to write a ‘sob story’ about why you need something, just wanting it is enough. You join a group for your area: as you are required to pick up items it is pointless joining a region you can’t get to.

It’s such a simple idea, but it seems to work, and has done since 2003 (over seven million members now). I joined today and have already made a connection to go and pick up some 1 – 3 yr old boys clothes, advertised to give away a working keyboard that we have never used, and posted a wanted ad for some chicken wire and wooden posts to build a chicken coop with. We shall see if that comes to fruition!


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