Living in legoland

1 May

Edward Scissorhands' suburbia (at least it's colourful...)

Yesterday morning I strapped the baby into the carrier and went for a walk around the neighbourhood. I don’t often do that; it’s very boring around here. We occasionally go to the park down the road but they don’t have any baby swings and there isn’t much else he can do at a playground. As I was walking along the ridge and down to the newer part of the suburb, I was a bit ‘grossed out’ by how ‘legoland’ it is.

I’m accustomed to seeing row after row of not-very-well-built-but-trying-to-look-fancy houses (especially in this area), but the thing that struck me yesterday was all the cars. Every other house had a car parked in front of the garage with it’s bum sticking out over the pavement. I had to keep stepping around the cars as I walked along the footpath. (Footpath? Bootpath, apparently.) I wondered what was in their garages, that they couldn’t all park their cars in there. Another car? A boat? Boxes full of stuff? I hoped some of them had workshops or something, but I doubt it.

I had this sudden Edward Scissorhands vision of them all pulling out of their driveways at the same time and driving to work. What a strange place I live in.


One Response to “Living in legoland”

  1. Linda Millson July 14, 2011 at 7:54 pm #

    I used to think I was the only grouch in town who despised cars, trucks, buses and whatever else runs on diesel and gasoline. Everywhere I go the main thing I see is asphalt, cement and tarmac all designed for the swift, dangerous combustion engine tin cans we are addicted to. City planners should be required to bicycle and walk to work 3 days a week. Maye then they would see how unfriendly cities have become to people who are trying to live in them. Can you imagine cities as a green, calm and friendly environment to raise families in rather than places where developers scrape farmland down to subsoil to put up new box stores that are too far away to walk to and that are surrounded by acres of parking space for, yes, you guessed it; tin cans for people.

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