Almost gone

31 May

Today I had a scare.

I was taking my son to the Salford St park in the buggy. I was walking along the top edge of the park which is almost completely fenced, when I heard and saw two cars screaming up the hill. I knew it wasn’t safe, and I panicked. In the split seconds before they reached us, I tried to find somewhere to go, but the only driveway we could get to was closer to the cars, and I was scared. I turned the pram around and pushed it as far from the road as it could go, and placed myself between the cars and my precious boy.

I didn’t know what was going to happen, but when there are a couple of idiots hooning about on the road, something was bound to. Sure enough, as they rounded the sharp corner, the red car in front lost control, skidded 360°, and came up on the pavement, at speed, a few metres in front of us. The black car behind swerved around and drove on the wrong side of the road. This all happened in a few seconds.

My heart was pounding and I swung the pram around and gesticulated wildly at the drivers, mouthing obscenities. They looked at me blankly and sped off in a squeal of rubber.,+Newlands+6037,+Wellington&gl=nz&ll=-41.226391,174.815412&spn=0.004172,0.010568&z=14&output=embed
View Larger Map
(You have to zoom in. See that sharp bend on Salford St above the A? Only idiots would try to speed round that.)

I continued on towards the park, shaking like crazy. As I turned the corner and entered the playground, I started sobbing. I was so frightened and so shocked at what a close miss we just had. If I had been a few metres closer to the corner (like if I had tried to make it to the ‘safety’ of the driveway before the cars came round the corner) then we would have been hit. It makes me shake just thinking about it. My beautiful baby boy vs. a couple of assholes behind the wheels of fast cars. I called *555 to report it, but I didn’t think to notice the number plates in the shock of the moment so there wasn’t much they could do.

We were almost gone.

I let the baby play on the playground for a while and then walked home. There were long streaky tyre marks on the road. Every time I heard a car accelerate or come past us, my heart pounded again and I instinctively tried to push the pram into a driveway or off the path in some way. I think my son picked up on my nerves, because he became very grizzly when we got home and bit me for the first time. He had a big cry while I tried to communicate that it is not OK to bite but that I still love him very much. I just wanted to cuddle him so hard.

It really makes me want to live in a place where there are no cars. And no anonymity.


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