Tips from a homeschooling mum (or mom, rather)

4 Jun

Pioneer Woman is a really cool and impressive blog. I came across it yonks ago but it became a bit more relevant today with my brain going haywire over homeschooling. My brain tends to do that with things. I get a thought in my head and I have to think it really hard from lots of different angles and I devour information. So anyway, I’m always interested in real stories. Not a ‘you could do this’, but ‘this is what I did’.  They have a section of ‘Homeschool Mom Interviews’ and I liked these tips from Asha Dornfest:

  • Don’t be afraid. Only good can come out of giving homeschooling a try. Even if your homeschool adventure lasts a single year, it will be a year to remember, and there will be no lasting academic harm.
  • Be open minded. In a way, it’s just like having a baby. You probably have some deep-seated values about how things “should be,” much of which will change with actual experience. Homeschooling gives you a chance to broaden your definition of learning, and the time to explore different methods.
  • Have fun! When you don’t have to cram activities into the couple hours after school but before dinner, the world opens up in wonderful ways. Go do all the stuff with your kid you’ve always meant to do “when you have time.” This is when true learning happens, for both of you.

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