I wish I was a clean freak

13 Jun

I like places to be clean and tidy. That’s not the problem. I’m not one of those people who don’t notice or care about the mess. I do. It’s just that I often can’t be bothered dealing to it. Now that my boy is walking and exercising his will, he doesn’t put up with me doing much housework during the day. Or rather, he wants to be too involved, and that just makes it very time consuming and sometimes more messy. And then when he’s finally asleep I’d rather just chill out on the computer for a bit, or do some sewing. There’s a large pile of dishes looming in the kitchen, and I need to vacuum, and I need to put away all the toys, and I need to hang up nappies, and I got a chest of drawers for my bedroom yesterday so I can finally get my clothes off the floor… but I just don’t feel like it.

Sometimes the urge to clean and tidy hits me strong and I whip around and do it all super efficiently and am very satisfied with my domestication. Other times, blah. I wish I was a clean freak and then I’d be really motivated to have a super tidy house, instead of procrastinating while I blog…

(NB: I googled ‘messy house’ to find a picture to use in this post. Oh my goodness. My house seems spick and span compared to the pictures that came up! Wow! – if you are a clean freak, don’t google it.)


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