Good friends and books

18 Jun

Although I yearn for country village life, I do love my city. I especially love the way it glows at night, with all the lights reflected on the harbour. Wellington is a heck of a place.

Now that my son stays with his Dad overnight on Saturdays, I suddenly have time to myself. I had none of this for the first 14 months of his life, so I’ve been rather enjoying it for the last few weeks. The last two weeks I have been hanging out with my best friend all evening, and it’s been great. There’s nothing like spending time with someone whose company you really enjoy, someone who really ‘gets’ you. We don’t get drunk or anything, we just sit around and drink tea and chat, and eat food, and go for walks through the rainy nighttime city. We haven’t always lived in the same place over the last few years so it is really nice to be geographically close again.

The other thing I am feeling really good about today is a book project I am working on. It’s to do with babies and sleep and not letting them cry themselves to sleep, but that’s all I will say for now because I don’t want anyone to steal my idea!

Also; totally unrelated, but here is some frivolous fun:


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