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Organic vege boxes

19 May

I have discovered a wonderful thing. Delivered. Organic. Boxes. Of fruit and vegetables.

I don’t have an established garden, but I love organic vegetables. People argue over the health benefits (which seems stupid, really; obviously something that is natural is going to be healthier than something that isn’t… it’s that simple) but aside from all that, organic tastes so much better. No wonder veges are so uninspiring and people have to force themselves to eat them, when they buy sterile supermarket vegetables. I can’t afford to shop at the organics store, but the delivered boxes are actually not much more than I would pay for fruit and veg at the supermarket.

It’s also a good way to make sure that the largest portion of my grocery bill is made up of fresh, healthy, fruit and vegetables. And although it can be somewhat inconvenient to not choose the produce myself, it’s also rather cool to get a mystery box of deliciousness, and have to use what I have to figure out some different meals than I might otherwise make.

I have been getting baby boxes from the Organic Connection and they are pretty good. But I have also come across the same service through Commonsense Organics which is a bit cheaper, so I am going to trial that in a couple of weeks. Their website is crap, so I haven’t bothered to go through the process yet. I also got a voucher through groupy for Organic Boxes – $25 for a $50 box – so I am going to use that next week.

I will report back in a few weeks or so with the results of my market research.

UPDATE: The Organic Boxes box was less plentiful than the Organic Connection one. It was good quality, but I wouldn’t have thought it was enough for a couple for a week. I tried to go through the Commonsense website again to order one of their boxes but they really don’t make it easy… I have given up for now; maybe once they upgrade their website I will have a crack at it. I am sticking with Organic Connection for the moment.