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Struggling to stay raw

25 Apr

I was excited and motivated about this raw food thing for the first month. Lots of new recipes to try, feeling more energy, having less insulin, and let’s be honest, feeling rather virtuous for eating so healthily.

This isn't me. But I feel a bit like she looks.

But we’ve been mostly raw for over a month now, and the novelty is wearing off. The more lenient I become with the amount of cooked food I allow myself, the more difficult it seems to stay raw.

Last night we had friends over for dinner; pictures of their gourmet ‘raw vegan Christmas feast’ helped inspire me to try raw food, as I saw that it didn’t need to be just salads and green smoothies. So it was nice to be in company of people who ‘get it’.

But it’s still feeling like a lot of effort now. The gourmet raw meals that were exciting me to start with are now paling in comparison to the cooked versions. I keep telling myself that it is good for me, but the little person on the other shoulder says ‘as long as you have a high amount of raw, the odd bit of cooked food is OK’. But the more I think like that, the more cooked food I eat.

I’ve made some nice meals, but with the exception of one nice batch, all the raw crackers and flat breads I’ve tried to make have been failures. I’m weary of snacking on fruit and nuts and carrot sticks.

I guess there’s a point with every new thing where the novelty wears off and you are stuck with the fact that this is reality. I do believe in raw food now, so I’m going to stick with it. But I’m cutting myself some slack; just because I eat some cooked food one day doesn’t mean I have to pack the whole thing in. I just start again the next day.