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Some relief

25 Jun

Today I was offered (and accepted) a part time nanny job. It’s always exciting and esteem-building to be offered a job, but the strongest feeling I had today was relief. As a single mother, finances are a constant struggle. It is hard to portion the money to pay the bills and to eat healthily, and there is nothing leftover for savings or treats.

The difference this nanny job will make to my life is massive.

I will be able to save (a small amount of) money, as well as have some of the weight off my shoulders. It’s hard, being poor. I’m not poverty stricken, and I know there are many out there worse off than me. At least I have a comfortable (if small) house, can eat reasonably well, I have the internet and a car, and I can raise my son without having to put him in daycare while I work full time. But it is relentless, this not-quite-having-enough. I am a fairly relaxed and unstressed person, but sometimes the weight of the world is upon my shoulders.

So this part time job, to which I can bring my toddler along with me, is a sanity saver. Hallelujah.