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Snow snap

28 Jul

Last Sunday night, it snowed! Right in the middle of town. I thought it was cold, but didn’t realise it was that cold. I’ve lived in or visited Motueka since I was 11 years old and it has never snowed this low down before. I had just put the baby to bed when Mum called me outside. I went outside, started shivering immediately, and got a snowball in my face! She’s been telling this story with glee to everyone we see.

It was a surprise to see it snowing, but it was even more of a surprise when we got up in the morning to see that it had settled, several inches thick. By the time the photos below were taken the sun had been up for several hours and we passed several cars on our way to Atamai with 6 inches of snow on their roofs and bonnets. We stood up on one of the elevated lots and looked down over the beautiful Motueka Valley, with snow right down on the hills.

It’s common here for the mountains to be white all winter, but apparently it’s been 100 years since it last settled in the valley and in town. For those in colder climes there is nothing special about these photos, but for locals, it was a rare and special event indeed! I was so glad we were here (rather than home in Wellington) and that my son got to experience snow for the first time.

Motueka Valley with snow in July



Atamai Eco-Village


Snowy logs


My toddler learns to walk on crunchy grass


My mother and my son


Snowy hills


Me and my baby standing on one of the Atamai sections, with the stunning Motueka Valley behind us.